I look at the wall space next to my bed and there’s a big summary of my schedule, deadlines and goals in the form of colored ‘sticky notes’. Why I tell you this, I like this. That feeling of confusion and fatigue when I see pinned notices of stories to write and other stuff my other personality likes. Pair that up with this feeling that as much adversity as I may be in, I am almost certain I will work my way through it. Its what I like.

Some time last week I posted on twitter a quote that kept me motivated when I was fighting personal identity issues coming up. It went something like: “If you hear a voice within you say ‘ you cannot paint’, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” Vincent Van Gogh.
To those who the above quote applies directly, say for example painters or others hoping to make a name for themselves in the art industry, I am here not condemn that quote but express its shallowness.
The voices within us vary in accurateness so some people will hear a whisper “you cannot sing” and go on to relay bathroom theatrics to the world. What does this do? Apart from socially demoralizing the misinformed chap when rejection comes knocking, a mockery is made of the art industry.

A program that goes on air on local TV was once a source of the best singing talent in east Africa. Presently, it is slowly losing ratings and those that do watch, critique it on social media or ogle the beauties there. One of th magazines I write for set me up with a big name in theatre and the one challenge he gave me of his art: it is being downplayed.

“The Government’s role in making art a professional career”. That sounds more like a term paper with no points than anything I would want to explore. We’ve had people make livelihood from their art. Vivaldi, Beethoven, Leonardo Da Vinci only to mention a couple abroad. In Kenya, Jua cali went mainstream, was endorsed in advertisements, lived his dream. Im not sure how that fairy tale ended.
Prezzo went to big brother. People would say that he’s messing up: I still remain with a quote on my lips “any publicity is good publicity”.

You only get as much as you invest in your art. As I wish you a an artistic and fruitful week, I leave with a question, what do you think should be done to help promote art to professionalism?