I sip my cup of coffee with a toothy grin after conquering a Monday successfully. What to do with my evening? A Jazz gig always seems to come up on a local club somewhere. I am not one to under estimate the power of a saxophone here, a trombone there and maybe a violin, but not today. My mind today is set at going to the coveted ‘ A word and a Mic’ hosted at the Club hearts in Moi Avenue Nairobi.
As I Leave the office, I review the reasons for going there, 1, to support an act I know and 2. I love poetry and any like minded person would find me an easy target to engage. The five month old event is hosted by poetess Viona Wamuyu, Julie Auma( Amare Poeta) and Miss Njeri. I honestly was not sure what to expect. I get in early to grab a seat of my choice and the turn out is quite encouraging.

A whole hour after the projected starting time of the event, it starts. First poet on stage: Miss Viona Wamuyu. She does a piece that puts an emphasis on the 2013 elections. So far.. so good.

Amare soon graces the stage and warms the crowd in an event that sees the performance of acts such as Kelvin Kaesa, Jicho Pevu and EMC amongst others. Live music was also a good addition to the whole experience. Save for the mic Hiccups and some noise here and there, it was a good gig. Looking forward to the August edition.