Daft Punk Album Review: Random Access Memories



Random access memories


Daft punk is one of the few remaining dance music bands that makes music that withstands the tests of time. Discovery, which is one of their more noticeable albums will still have your head bobbing despite it being a 2001 production. The two-man band made up of Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel has since its inception, taken the global music industry by storm. They started by filling the streets of France with their melodies and in a span of almost 15 years have not only molded the funk music scene back home, but have also gone on to become a global phenomenon.
Daft punk recently rolled out their much anticipated fourth studio album and as expect, it was met with a frisson of excitement by house music community. This album was received warmly mostly because it showed a touch of exoticness and an old style that went against Daft punk’s grain. It was big leap for the band as it combed the earlier periods in the music scene for their inspiration. Random Access Memories exhibits orchestras, percussions and choirs. The genres incorporated by the this album cannot be any more diverse. From disco, dance music, soft rock and electronic in a package that sees it all dovetail to create sensational records.
The first track on the album, entitled “Give life back to Music”, gives you a glance at the band’s past. Through it,, you can tell off the band’s influence by renowned classic bands such as the Rolling stones. It creates a benchmark that jostles music artists into action. It has refined music quality and the mastery liaises with an orchestra to make it easily one of the best album covers of this decade. The most popular song in this album would have to be “Get Lucky.”the smooth vocals, the “wake up and dance” beat and the lyrical presence of the band in the song earned them droves of supporters. It topped the UK single list for 4 weeks and left its fan base asking for more and when the album was finally complete, they did bring more to the sound waves.
Get lucky and lose Yourself to Dance are some of their more high tempo songs. Included also on the album are slightly modernized tunes such such as “instant crush”.Reviews of this song have seen it tagged under epic disco. The rest of the album is an enthralling mishmash of jazzy, soul groove that is no doubt, the fruit of musical genius. Each song seems to be a build up to the next and listening to the whole album at one sitting will give you a heightened experience. This album features music greats such as Pharell Williams, Nile Rodgers and superstar House DJ Todd Edwards. 
This album has tingled many music taste buds and cemented Daft punk as a sweetheart in dance music.
just to give you a feel of the album, here’s get lucky

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